campy crank question?


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May 3, 2003
I would like to know if I am going to have problems running a record crankset with dura ace sti shifters. I have a 38.5 inch inseam and 180 campy cranks are much easier to find
180mm cranks are massive! Why do you want them so big. If you are very powerfull, ie fast twitch/ white muscle fibers you are actualy better off with slighly shorter cranks. If you are slow twitch/endurance oriontated then you can pedal at a slightly higher cadence over extended periods, allowing for a longer crank length. Sure a powerful person can push more force, but only in bursts. So if you are on the road you need to ride for extended periods upto 6-8hrs. At a low cadence with big cranks you may blow your legs well before the sprint. Does anyone dissagree? feel free to rip me to shreads.
180's aren't that massive when you're 6foot 6 and weigh 225 lbs. At my size shorter cranks rob me of power. I'm 38.5 inches from crotch to cleat so most people have absolutely no idea of working around those parameters. Please anyone 6'4 or over feel free to reply. Anyway the original ? was about crank compatibility. Any advice here

I don't think you will have any problems. The front chainrings are not as critical as the back. If you are really concerned about it, buy the Campy cranks from a place you can return them if necessary. Measure the gap in millimeters betweeen the 39/42 & the 53. Chances are it's about the same. If it's way off, return them.

I have ridden on 180's for many years now. I have talked about longer cranks in great detail in other posts. Studies have shown riders go faster on longer cranks no matter how tall they are.

Many pro riders increase their cranklength for important events like time trials, climbs, and hour records.

Good luck with the cranks!!!
good advice, i've since found that i can order the dura ace in a 180 so no problems, thanks

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