Campy Ergobrain 10speed

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    May 20, 2003
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    Problems with the campy ergobrain

    I have just had my new Serotta Legend ti built up with Campy Chorus 10speed and the Campy ergobrain( 2003 model ) and are experiencing problems with the sensors on the hoods, that is to say that the sensor commands on the hoods do not transmet when i push the sensor buttons( although on the stopwatch mode the right side sensor(mode) does in fact put the chrono back to zero) However if the hoods are slackened, as if i want to take them off, the sensors do then work! Apart from riding with the hoods not tightened there is no other way of getting them to work!! One other thing; the computer itself has a tendance to jump out of its holder when going over small bumps or cracks in the blacktop downhill ( therefore fast) , and i mean really small bumps in the road ! so i have to strap it down with an elastic band! Ithink i'll have to send it all back!
    Any one got an idea or a solution to this problem?
    Thanks, J-R.