Campy road levers with V-Brakes.


Glen Beer

I have a touring bike that came with Campagnolo Veloce Brake levers
and cantilever brakes. The braking never worked well, so I installed
Shimano XT- V brakes, and travel adapters to adjust the cable pull.
This worked OK for a while, but the brake levers never really
"snapped" back and retracted the brake arms very well, but it worked.
The rear was better than the front.

Recently I removed my front wheel, disconnecting the brakes in the
process. After putting it back on, the front brake cable seems to
stick now, and I can't get the brake arms to retract fully by
themselves. I can push them back manually which stops the brake shoes
from rubbing against the rim.

What do you suggest as a fix? I can buy shimano BR-600 (ultegra/ DA)
levers which I think may have a stronger return spring. I can buy Dia
Compe 287V levers , which has adjusted travel to work natively with
V- Brakes, but I'll have to take off the travel adapters and install
new cables.


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