Campy Vento?

I had a pair for a while, very nice, look cool, smooth bearings, I find the Campy freewheel/cassette very noisy and a little annoying compared to Shimano though.

But I thought they were a good buy.
Very good value: strong, good hubs. Not particularly light but the '06 version is significantly lighter than the '05 and previous versions. The only drawback with Campy wheels (and this is true for other models, too) is the difficulty in mounting tires (espcially new ones, and espcially Michelin).
benkoostra said:
Can these wheels take a Shimano 9-spd cassette?
No, not without modifiying EITHER the cassette or hub (i.e., freehub body transplant -- not truly feasible).

Wheels Manufacturing makes spacers which you can use which to respace the cogs (Veloce) ...
alfeng said:
Hey, thanks for THAT information -- obviously, I didn't know Campagnolo was providing a Shimano-compatible version!
I think all of Campy's wheels can be bought with a Shimano compatible freehub. I sort of recall that Camply's Record level wheels do not use aluminum for the Shimano freehub material so they are a little heavier than the Campy freehub; this may have changed recently.