Can A Cannondale Bad Boy 2003 be fitted with 700s


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Dec 28, 2010

I have a Bad Boy, [see link below] which I have had a while now, and I love. The wheels are now on their last legs, so I am wanting to upgrade them. I want faster, better ones, ideally 700s.

Is it possible to fit 700s with out changing breaking systems etc? Cycle surgery in London said this is possible, I have now taked it to a shop in Bristol who say I cannnot.

Can anybody put the record straight for me.

Many Thanks

The Cannondale Bad Boy was actually designed to be used with 700c wheels.

  • Regardless, any MTB frame which uses 26" wheels can accommodate up to 700x42 tyres ... some may be able to handle larger tyres (e.g., a 700x52, [COLOR= #ff0000]29er tyre[/COLOR]), but, the Bad Boy probably will not be able to handle that size UNLESS you can slip a 26x2.1 tyre close to the BB ... the maximum tyre size will probably be determined by trial-and-error.

So, your limitation is your budget for the new, 700c wheelset ...

622-15 is the rim size of a typical Road rim ... generally, this size is used for 700x23 to 700x28 tyres ....

  • I know someone who used to fit 700x32 tyres in 622-15 rims -- that narrow a rim on that fat a tyre makes slipping the wheel past the brake pads a bit more tedious. I think that a 622-17 would be better for a 700x32 tyre.

I think that 622-19 (?) is the size for a most fatter tyres you might want to use.

622-13 rims are good for 700x19 & 700x23 tyres.
Your biggest problem is getting the brakes to adjust to the 700 rims. Most brakes will not adjust that far and I would bet that frame does not have a second set of mounting holes.

I will say that you could probably fit some of the smaller 700 tires on the frame but you will not have any brakes.

You say you want faster better wheels so just get faster better 26" wheels.
Thanks for the response, really appreciate it, you have got a little more technical than I understand, I have a budget of £200 for the wheelset, do you have a suggestion of of exactly what I could go for?

Thanks again.

I have a budget of £200 for the wheelset, do you have a suggestion of of exactly what I could go for?
First, you need to decide which tyre size(s) you think you would like to use -- e.g., 700x25.

Then, you need to decide if you want to re-lace the existing hubs with the 700c rims or if you want to try to find some excess inventory which is being sold (as on eBay.UK).

While pre-built wheels with 700c rims & disc hubs were rare 8+ years ago, they are quite common now -- I am presuming that your Bad Boy uses disc brakes -- if you are patient-or-lucky, you may be able to find a suitable wheelset on eBay.UK for about £100+.

If you are going to re-lace your current hubs, then it may cost £125 just for the rims & spokes AND presumes that it is a DIY project -- as a last resort, you could always bring the laced wheels to a bike shop to have them true the wheels.

To more-or-less repeat:

  • A 622-13 rim is only for really only for 700x19 & 700x23 tyres ... I have as many wheelsets with this width tyre because I was deluding myself into thinking that I wanted to maintain rim-width continuity with the tubular rims & sew-up tyres which I pretty much stopped using.
  • A 622-15 rim seems to have become the de facto standard due to the widespread popularity of the MAVIC Open Pro rim, at least, in North America.
  • A 622-17 rim would be a good all-around rim size ... but, they are not as common as they once were and may be difficult to find although I think ALEX may have a rim in that size ... it's probably the best size is you know you are going to use either 700x28 or 700x32 tyres.
  • A 622-19 rim seems really wide when I look at it ... it is probably best for 700x42 & wider.

There are other rim sizes. My recollection is that the Ambrosio clincher rims are 622-14.

Anyway, check eBay.UK for a 700c wheelset that is laced on disc hubs.

If your Bad Boy frame doesn't have disc brakes, then it is actually pretty easy ... you just need to measure the distance between the "fender" mounting hole that is in the top of the fork AND on the rear stays near the seat tube ... and then, buy the appropriate TEKTRO Road brake caliper (again, let eBay.UK be your friend).

Using Road brake calipers with 700c wheels should not be eschewed as an idea even if your frame has disc brakes. Here's a picture of one of my old Hardtail frames in which I have 700c wheels:

BTW. Changing your Bad Boy's FLAT handlebars for DROP handlebars will go a long way toward making you-and-your-bike faster because you will be lessening your wind resistance if you are riding in a less upright position ... but, think of the Drop bars as being a future consideration ...

  • Non-Xenon-based 10-speed Campagnolo shifters (pictured above) will index with most Shimano MTB rear derailleurs.
Thankyou very much, indeed, when I put on I will post some pics.

You have been a great help