Can anybody suggest me the best dual-flush toilet?


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Oct 29, 2019
Our toilet was having problems flushing and finally an overflow prompted us to redo the entire bathroom. I really wanted a dual-flush toilet for the 1/2 bath, but our contractor said we couldn't have one with a skirt, so I couldn't get the Toto I had been eyeing. Can anyone suggest me the best one?
Careful, a lot of people here think they are smart but don't know"****".
Sorry couldn't resist. Hope you get an answer.
There is only two that I would buy, either the American Standard H2Option or the Kohler Wellworth Dual Flush; those two are cheaper than most others, work just as well as others, and there are placement parts available at most home improvement places and thus don't have to order parts from the manufacture if they even have the parts!