Can anyone lend me a road bike?



Hi everyone.. strange request I know, but Im a sydney girl, with a road bike on layby. Situation is i train wed nights at the DGV but have no roadie, so am struggling to even maintain my fitness each week. My giant cfr was stolen and I have been struggling to get enough $$ for a new one. I now am paying one off. I am hoping someone out there in NSW can loan me a small road bike to train on until I pay mine off. I dont care how old, as long as it works! It would need to be small, the track frame i ride is 49cm.. i am 161 cm tall (yes... a freaky short person!)

If anyone can help, post here or email me [email protected] thanks everyone.. ??? :D
please?? heheheh - if anyone can.. i will give you all my details.. I work for the dept of defence so I wont be able to exactly disappear with your bike! 8)
I wish I could help you, Ness. The problem is I live about 10 000 km to the west of Sydney!
Why don't you join the local spinning® club? @ least you will be able to maintain some fitness (or is $$ the problem here?).
$$ is the problem.. Im paying off my bike on layby, still quite a few months from that being done yet.. my prev bike and all equipment was stolen and I had just finished paying that one off.. so its stuffed me up a bit.. I train wed nights on a club track bike at the DGV but its very hard to even maintain my fitness when I can only train once a week!

hopefully someone a little closer can help anyways..!