Can nonfood phytochemicals make problems?

There have been vague claims that soy isoflavones taken in isolated
(pill) form are not as effective as when consumed in more-or-less whole
form as foods and soy products. As for toxicity, there are plenty of
people on these health newsgroups that consider soy to be toxic in any
manner,shape or form.


[email protected] wrote:

> When phytochemicals,ie. antioxidants etc., are taken as isolated
> supplements are they as effective as those found in food sources and

> they in isolation create problems when not as the body needs them?

> article considers this question:

Toad, you don't speak English too well. Your writing sucks, too!

Just thought that you might want to know.

Do you actually expect me to do your thinking for you? Or, to answer
what you did not actually ask? When you finally figure out what your
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