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    Hello, about ten years ago, I bought a table from a school.
    It was a solid table with read paint---it was probably
    decades old. I sanded the table in an enclosed room, with no
    breath mask of any kind. In fact, I didn't even have the
    door open until later. Talk about stupid, I was breathing up
    red sawdust from my nose for days!

    This table was probably fifty years old, and had red paint
    that I sanded off with one of those sanders from Home Depot.
    Can this have harmed my lungs permanently? I started having
    problems with breathing about ten years ago, or therabouts,
    and this is the only thing I have think of to have happened.
    Could it not be the sawdust but maybe the lead (or whatever)
    paint? I have had a ct scan of my lungs, but with nothing
    showing up. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? The
    only thing I can think of close to it, is when a friend of
    mine was into developing film, and he inhaled some chemicals
    or somesuch, and damaged his lungs/heart.

    Any comments would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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