Can someone help with Cinelli?



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>> You don't want to post images in a non-binary newsgroup, so best thing is

>> upload them to one of your web sites (you DO have one, don't you?)

>Regrettably, I do not
>> provide the link. The Columbus sticker on the seat tube (if it's still
>> there) will also tell you something about the frame material (SL

>Does SLX mean anything to you?
>> Were they even making Dura Ace in '84?

>I'm just guessing it's from '84 because of the first 2 positions in the
>serial number. I could be way off.
>Again, thanks for any info you can give.

Shimano parts will have a two letter date code that can be decoded somewhere on
here: . Along with answers to other
vintage bike questions you'll have.



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> Hello all

The OP (M Santos) asked me to post the following on his behalf as he's
having problems with his news server.


I want to thank every one who responded, you've all given me useful
information. Special thank you to dtmeister for giving me the means to
share a few photos (there are 3 more links below).

I thought of craigslist, but in my rural corner of the country I doubt
I'll generate much interest. I'll probably end up doing something on Ebay, I
need to get 800 or so out of it...I know, I know, slim chance with Dura Ace,
but maybe somebody out there is really hot for this frame.

(Anybody out there know somebody who fits that description?)

Thanks again for your help

***I apologize if this shows up more than once, my news server is acting
strangely and doesn't seem to want to post this message.

Qui si parla Campagnolo

Johnny Sunset wrote:
> Qui si parla Campagnolo aka Peter Chisholm wrote:
> > M Santos wrote:
> > > Hello all
> > >
> > > New to this group, I could use help identifying my Cinelli I bought from a
> > > neighbor a few years ago. There is nothing on the bike to identify a model
> > > designation. I understand it may be considered "vintage", my neighbor
> > > purchased it new in the early to mid 80s. The serial number is 84820 (1984
> > > model??). It looks similar to the supercorsa at cinelli's website with the
> > > lugged Columbus frame, it has the full Dura Ace package. I emailed the folks
> > > at the website but they were completely unhelpful. Any information would be
> > > greatly appreciated
> > >
> > > Thanks!

> >
> > Picture?
> >
> > But Cinelli lugged steel bicycles are a real find in spite of having DA
> > on it.

> Too bad this bike is not a high quality lugged steel Japanese made
> frame that would better complement the quality Shimano Dura-Ace
> components.
> --
> Tom Sherman - Fox River Valley

I guess Tom...this is going to be interesting. Is yer 'bent' made in