Can the Showtime Rotisserie do Meatloaf?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Rick & Cyndi, Mar 7, 2004.

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    As promised, I am posting the results of using the
    rotisserie for making meatloaf.

    <drum roll please; rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!>

    And the answer is......................?

    YES! Yes it can!! And it is AWESOME!!!!

    Yes boys and girls (and any others left out! LOL>, the
    Rotisserie can make meatloaf and it does it well!

    Ingredients used:

    1 1/2 # ground beef 4 slices of bread, crumbled 1 can Rotel
    (milder) Tomatoes w/ chiles, drained 1 large sweet onion
    (1/3 used for meat loaf, the rest used in the rotisserie
    basket) 2 cloves garlic 2 eggs 1-2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
    2 tsp seasoning blend (rosemary, basil, etc.) 1 or 2 other
    'somethings that I can't remember right now

    Mixed up the meatloaf. Laid slices of onion on bottom and
    sides of basket. Plopped in meatloaf into basket and topped
    with the last of the onion.

    Using the "sear" feature, I seared the various sides for a
    couple of minutes on each side and then finished the
    remaining 40 minutes on the normal rotisserie setting.

    WOW!! Totally delicious. Nathan, charming 4 y/o monster
    boy had seconds, as did I...! Looks like there is just
    enough left over for either lunch or dinner tomorrow. I
    know I have a couple of pounds of brats and Italian
    Sausages in the freezer downstairs so that might be a
    possibility for Tuesday.

    Oh, did I tell you about how the meat loaf did *not* fall
    apart or fall out of the slots in the basket? Or did I
    mention that when we flipped the basket over so that the
    meatloaf could fall onto the cutting board... that it fell
    perfectly onto the board? It didn't stick in the basket nor
    did it fall apart upon being emptied onto the board! I am
    loving this machine. So, I guess Tuesday night or Wednesday
    I'll have to taunt you with the sausage results... <VBG> ;P
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