Can Women Build Big Muscles? Why Women Cant Build Big Muscles Easily

Why Is It Difficult For Women To Build Big Muscles

"I don't want to workout lifting weights because I don't want to build
big muscles " or "I just do aerobics and sit ups to lose weight
because if I lift weights, I may build muscle and looked like a man."

Ladies. Have you made these comments before? Awww... c'mon ladies, if
you have ever uttered these words, you have just done a terrible
disservice to yourself and are missing out on many great benefits that
working out with weights can give you. Have you ever pointed to your
belly or butt and sweetly proclaimed, "I want lose weight here." So
managed to convince yourself that sweating profusely is the answer to
a slim and beautiful body and you hit the gym day in and day out just
to sweat off your tummy or butt fats!

So you peddle away on your stationary bike in the gym just like little
hamsters or frantically stepping away on the step up machine and then
you woefully do crunches after crunches in the hope of having a flat
belly and a well rounded shapely butt not realising that there is no
such thing as spot reduction.

You never even bother take a look at the weight lifting machines or
the free weights lying everywhere in the gym not to say even touching
those weights. Gosh.this terrible myth of building big muscles on
women is creating so much fear in women causing them never to train
with weights at their detriment.

Ladies! If you are listening, I want to say this loud and clear. There
is no way women will build big huge muscles unless you are on special
supplementation and specially designed training system. Some of those
muscle bound ladies you have seen may even be taking steroids which
are banned and obviously harmful. never never touch steroids to build

So the, why is it difficult for women to nuild big muscles? Well, it
is simply because you do not have enough of tetosterone, a male
hormone that encourages your muscles to grow. In fact, women have ten
to thirty times less of bodybuilding hormones, tetosterone than their
male counterparts. Women who accept the myth that they will build big
muscles if they workout with weights will miss