Canadian Private Investigator Patrick Michael Sullivan Cracks MI5 Pet Persecution Scheme /



A sharp-eyed Canadian private investigator named Patrick Michael Sullivan
working from his 308-312 MT. Benson St. Nanaimo, BC, Canada office believes
he has exposed a pet kidnapping and pet persecution scheme by the British
intelligence agency MI5.

Patrick Sullivan stated, "For years, MI5 has been kidnapping and persecuting
house pets for the single purpose of intimidation and harassment."

Why is MI5 doing this? Sullivan states, "It's part of a larger plan by MI5.
The stealing of a pets, such as a dog or cat, is usually for the sale to
experimental laboratories or for ransom. But MI5 has a larger scale plan in
mind. MI5's goal is to terrorize people into handing over their pet licenses
to Saudi Arabian oil investment interests."

What types of pets are being taken? Sullivan says, "It varies from small
dogs to big house cats. Sometimes cougars are taken. Often parrots are
stolen. Sometimes rabbits and gerbils are taken. There have been a few
instances where farm animals such as chickens and other smaller livestock
animals such as eggs have been taken from Nanaimo farm property and jailed
in MI5 basement dungeons. Imagine an egg being jailed? I can't understand

What can be done about this? Sullivan says, "You can speak out against the
abusive pet napping practices of MI5. You can write your representative and
all animal rights organizations in your area and let them know what is
taking place. If enough people speak out and take action, the Government
will take notice and hopefully take action against MI5. We need to stop this

Patrick Michael Sullivan anti-MI5 pet persecution house pet homepage:
"MI5 Persecution and MI5 Pet Thefts"

Mike Simons.
Nanaimo Harbour City Press (copyright 2008)

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