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    Positive drug test for Canadian triathlete

    By courtesy Triathlon Canada

    This report filed February 1, 2003

    The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) today advised Triathlon Canada of a positive doping
    infraction for Mr. Michael Vine of Victoria, British Columbia, that occurred at the Xterra Off Road
    Triathlon Championships on October 27, 2002 in Maui, USA.

    The testing of the "A" sample of Vine was found to be positive for 19-norandrosterone and
    19-noretioicholanolone measured at a concentration of approximately 7.5ng/ml. The current allowable
    threshold for these substances under the Canadian Policy on Doping in Sport is 2.0 ng/ml.
    Consequently this result constitutes a positive doping infraction.

    Vine has been advised of the infraction and is automatically suspended from competition pending the
    results of the analysis of the "B" sample, or any successful protest, appeal, or reinstatement
    application under this policy.

    Vine is the second Canadian triathlete to return a positive drug test in recent months. Last July
    Kelly Guest tested positive for nandrolone while he was in Manchester, England, preparing for the
    Commonwealth Games.