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    Jun 23, 2005
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    Hi Everyone,

    We recently opened up our Canadian Triathlete message board geared towards canadian triathletes although it is a place for anyone involved in our sport (Or Cycling!) Maybe you will be able to catch us at some of the triathlons or cycling races across Ontario this year. We will be having booths setup and giving away free prizes at triathlon / cycling events and through our website! If you are looking for any information on triathlons or cycling in Canada, please check us out!

    Hopefully some of you can go check it out and register! I would love to see some new faces to help get the discussions going. We might even have some free giveaway's and prizes in the near future!

    I hope to see some new faces on our message board as our community grows!

    As Always, Train Hard!

    Thank You Cycling Forums For Allowing Us To Help Promote Our Sports