Cancer Story Collection: Journeys of Self-Discovery

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  1. Your CD arrived when I was in the hospital having my surgery
    and what a perfect time to listen to it! The CD is truly a
    healing experience. I have listened to it many times and
    experienced unbelievable comfort. Thank you so much for
    creating a message that all of us working through cancer can
    benefit and learn from in the most unexpected ways. Fondly,
    D.S. From DallasĀ 

    The website has just released an audio
    book of Cancer Stories.

    The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery story
    collection shares stories about cancer patients who find
    in their cancer experience a world of challenge, hope,
    and renewal.

    Diana Hunt, PhD., author of two books, was inspired in 1997
    to create this story collection when two of Dr. Hunt's close
    friends went through the cancer experience.

    DT. Hunt felt that the traditional medical community missed
    the emotional, spiritual aspect of the healing process.
    The need for patients to heal their emotional and
    spiritual being compelled her to create The Healing of
    Cancer, The Journeys of Self-Discovery story collection.

    "It always seemed during the healing of these individuals,
    there was a missing piece, words for the soul, messages
    speaking to the thought, feeling, and emotions of one with
    cancer. It was clear the goal of healing had a bigger piece
    than just the medical "mechanical" process. "

    The Healing of Cancer, Journeys of Self-Discovery story
    collection can be found at .
    The website also offers information about cancer resources
    and bulletin boards to connect with others.