Candy SL Bike Pedal Review


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Feb 2, 2004
Cycling Reviews, has recently completely an in-depth detailed review of Crank Brothers Candy SL Bike Pedals. . The Candy SL pedals received Cycling Reviews 5 Star Recommendation. Crank Brothers has been in the cycling product business for many years and has produced some of the best cycling products in the world including the titanium EggBeaters. The Candy SL pedals are manufactured of titanium, nylon, carbon, stainless steel, and other products and have proven to be great cycling pedals. The pedals weigh on 147 grams each and are very durable as the reviews shows. Clipping in and out of the pedals is very easy since you have a 15 degree release on both sides and of course this is adjustable to some degree. The pedals are manufactured in such a way that mud and dirt have virtually no impact on usage. For more information you can see the entire review at the Cycling Reviews website. Click this link for the entire review
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