Cannibal's House of Horror




Cannibal's House of Horror

From Neville Thurlbeck, in Kassel, Germany

HOME is where the heart is—and the lungs, liver and kidneys too.

For this is the chilling house of horror where jailed cannibal Armin Meiwes, pictured right,
butchered, froze and cooked his willing victim.

As the killer yesterday began his controversial 8-year sentence for manslaughter, locals in the
central German village of Rotenburg were calling for the rotting half-timbered mansion to be
pulled down.

For Meiwes' spooky, 44-roomed half-timbered sprawl was nicknamed "the ghost house" long before he
started luring potential dinners back.

Police took away truckloads of contents after discovering Berlin computer expert Bernd Brandes had
been stabbed to death, filleted and eaten there.

But although Meiwes was sensationally found not guilty of murder on Friday—as the victim was a
consenting participant—our exclusive pictures reveal the isolated house on the hill still
reeks of evil.

It looks eerily like the Bates Motel in Alfred Hitchcock's classic big-screen heart-stopper Psycho.

And, just like mad killer Norman Bates, 42-year-old Meiwes was obsessed with his domineering mother.

When she died in 1999, aged 77, he stayed on in the house they shared— keeping all the gloomy heavy
antique decor she chose.

He even wore her clothes, mimicked her voice and kept her room as a shrine—laying a manikin's head
on the pillow.


But with Mum gone Meiwes could live out his lifelong fantasy of feasting on human flesh. After
wooing Brandes on the internet Meiwes met him up at the station and took him to the house.

He led him along the lino-floored corridors to show off his "slaughter room"—a narrow windowless
upstairs chamber with a meat hook fixed to the ceiling, a cage for holding victims and walls now
flecked with mould. After romping on a damp, bare bed the men went down to the kitchen.

There—after downing 20 sleeping pills, a bottle of Vicks cold relief and schnapps—Brandes, 43,
agreed to be killed. First Meiwes cut off his manhood with a butcher's knife, bandaged him and fried
the organ with garlic for a snack.

It took Brandes 10 hours to die after Meiwes put him in a warm bath to "bleed out".

Meiwes whiled away the time reading a Star Trek adventure and finished off the job at 4.15am by
hauling his guest to the slaughter room and stabbing him in the throat.

As an easy listening radio station played, Meiwes stripped 65lb of flesh from the body, which he
portioned into plastic bags and hid in the cellar, under pizzas in the deep freeze.

He cooked some every day for 10 months, even trying to make flour by grinding baked arm bone. The
leftovers and teeth were buried in the garden— near a barbecue used regularly for human grills.

It was only when supplies started running low that Meiwes began trawling for fresh victims. Police
arrested him when a young Austrian man he contacted was horrified to discover it was no joke.

When cops raided Meiwes' ramshackle home they found just 15lb of Brandes left in the freeezer.

ADDITIONAL REPORTING: Martin Knobbe & Detlef Schmalenberg/Stern/Picture Press/SOA

Come on over for breakfast...

A STRING of blood-curdling e-mails today reveals the sheer horror firing the twisted mind of
convicted cannibal Armin Meiwes.

The German sicko, jailed on Friday for slaughtering, cooking and eating another man, trawled the
internet for willing victims then set about luring them to the dinner table and onto his plate with
THOUSANDS of bizarre messages.

Eventually, after months of fishing with adverts on pervert websites, he hooked disturbed computer
technician Bernd Brandes.

From Valentine's Day, 2001, until the final banquet of blood on March 9, the two men conducted a
deadly courtship.


The drama that unfolds in the chilling e-mail traffic between cannibal Meiwes and victim Brandes
rivals anything Hollywood could concoct—in fact the killer now hopes for a £1million payday as
moviemakers vie for his story.

In an early message the cannibal teases by announcing he is making spaghetti carbonara for
dinner. Relishing his gory end the victim replies: "You don't have to buy meat again, there will
be plenty left."

Then came a terrifyingly matter-of-fact exchange about the fate of any human leftovers.

VICTIM: "What will you do with my brain?"

CANNIBAL: "I'll leave it, I don't want to split your skull."

VICTIM: "Better bury it, preferably in a cemetery; nobody notices skulls there. Or maybe
pulverise it?"

CANNIBAL: "We have a nice small cemetery here."

VICTIM: "You could use it as an ashtray."

The anticipation got 43-year-old Brandes, pictured bottom right,

from being bumped off and devoured at Meiwes' isolated house near Rotenburg.

He wrote: "I hope you are serious because I really want it. My nipples look forward to
your stomach."

As the fatal rendezvous approached the weird cyber banter between the two men grew...

VICTIM: "Are you a smoker?"

CANNIBAL: "Yes, but my teeth are still pretty white."

VICTIM: "That's good, I smoke, too. I hope you like smoked meat."

CANNIBAL: "Just bring yourself for breakfast."

But, before discovering his human meal-ticket to notoriety, Meiwes had plenty of near-misses.

Incredibly, he was in touch with around 200 would-be dinners, attracted by his ads on websites with
names like ‘Flesh and Bone' and ‘Cannibal Cafe'.

Calling himself Franky—after a fantasy friend he invented during a lonely childhood—Meiwes, 42, e-
mailed one eager applicant and declared: "I hope you can come quick to me, I am a hungry cannibal.
Please tell me your height and weight and I will butcher and eat your fine flesh."

Portion control was obviously important to obsessed Meiwes. An e-mail to a man called Hansel read:
"Hi! Being roasted alive, that is absolutely a beautiful concept.

"But keep in mind that with your weight there is about 35kg of your flesh available for eating.
If everyone eats 500gms you need 70 people. And there shouldn't be anything left of your
delicious flesh.

"To get such a high number of diners could be difficult so if you do decide to have yourself
slaughtered then please contact me."

One of the first oddballs to respond was an Italian called Matteo.

But his tastes were a bit strong even for Meiwes. Without a hint of irony, he told the judges in
court: "Matteo wanted me to burn his testicles with a flame thrower.


"And he wanted me to hammer his body down with nails and pins while he was whipped to death. I found
that a bit weird."

At Christmas Meiwes made contact with a man who said he could provide a young boy for dinner.

But a couple of days later he was off the menu. Meiwes recalled: "He said he was being eaten at a
Russian Orthodox feast. I tried his website after Christmas but there was no reply so perhaps it

The killer also spoke of another e-mail pal, Andreas, from Regensburg in southern Germany. "He
wanted me to pick him up in a cattle truck and slaughter him like a pig," said Meiwes.

"I told him to take the train. I picked him up at the station and we went back to the butchery at my
house. He wanted me to wear rubber boots, which he licked. I wrapped him in clingfilm ready for
slaughtering but he backed out. So we just fooled around, drank beer and ate pizza."

Wannabe lunch Dirk Moeller, a German conference organiser living in London, was next.

Meiwes said: "He wanted me to pronounce a death sentence upon him like in a court so I got one made
up from a document on the internet. He came to the house but he backed out, too. We ended up going
to the pictures to watch Ocean's Eleven."

Alex from Essen had a specific request, too—to be beheaded. Meiwes refused because he was "too fat".

And Stefan from Kassel almost made it into the pot—only to be pardoned because of the weather.

He got as far as being hung up on the slaughter chamber's meat hook, wrapped in clingfilm with
labels pinned into his flesh denoting various cuts like steak, ham and bacon.

Meiwes said: "We called it off because it was so damn cold in there."


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