Cannondale Super V1000 BB and Headshok

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by tyler_derden, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Mar 22, 2004
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    I recently acquired a Super V1000 in a trade- it has some miles on it, but its in pretty good shape.

    I have discovered a significant amount of runout in the cranks and determined that the BB spindle is bent. The one that is on there is a World Class unit, and its spindle is actually too short for the bike- it's 68x107mm. If I torque the cranks onto it the cranks hit the bike frame (that's probably why the previous owner told me the cranks need to be tightened periodically- they weren't able to torque them down properly).

    What is the original/proper spindle length for this bike?

    Also, it has a DD50 headshok that probably hasn't been maintained in years. It seems to be working properly, but there is a slight bit of vertical play in it whether it is engaged or not. Is that normal, or do I have a problem? I'd like to get in and at least lube the needle bearings and seals. Is there any easy way to do it? Where can I get the special tools that are required to service the thing?

    One more thing- how do I tell the year of manufacture on this bike? The serial number is very strange and doesn't seem to have the year embedded in it...