cannondale supersix evo hi-mod red racing.

Alan Levin

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Feb 4, 2014
What is the womens revision for the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Red Racing? I am interested but need a 44 inch. Thanks,
Not sure if you are asking about equipment spec or geo but if The latter it is a slightly taller head tube (+10mm), and slightly shorter top tube (53.5 vs 54.5cm in a 54). Not sure what you are referring to by 44 inch. Usually these bikes are measured in metric, the equivalent in inches for the above size being a 22". Those may be old numbers though, best to go to the Cannondale site and check the geometry charts.
Gotcha. It's wierd their top of the line model doesn't come in the 44. What about the dura ace model? Or is it a good deal on the RED model? But to be honest though 44 seems too small for someone your height. 5'4 is short for a guy but not super short for a gal. 44 is tiny. It would really take someone knowledgeable to verify in person. I am riding a pre-Evo SuperSix and it is a lovely bike, but I hear the Evo's with their flatter chainstays are more comfortable. Btw the high mod frame is only 150 grams or so lighter than the regular Evo.
Originally Posted by Alan Levin
The size cannondale is a 44cm . I am a women only 5'4 inches and small. Please help.
Not that small. Unless you have some outstanding restrictions or proportions, a 48 should work.

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