Can't get the headset completely tight


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Aug 13, 2003
After replacing the stock stem with a Race Face Dues stem, I noticed that no matter how tightly I think I have the stem pushed down, once I tighten the stem bolts, the forks still wobble slightly in the head.
Is there a tool for this, or am I missing something?
This bike is a day old, no trail time yet-no head damage.
If the top race of the headset is snug (should be if all you did was remove the original stem and place new one on) then try putting the top cap on first and snugging it down (not REALLY tight though, it's not meant to be torqued super tight). Then tighten the stem bolts. A lot of folks do it backwards quite often. Hopefully that will take care of it. Otherwise you can "set" the top race correctly with the proper tools. The shop you got the bike can do that for you in about 2 seconds. Good luck.

I have the same problem. I can't get the headset to be completely tight. I've swopped the **** headset to a Cane Creek one, the stock stem to a Titec, and that helped, and I even replaced the headset spacers with some brand new carbon units. The setup looks awesome, yet there is some play in it. Someone suggested a 'Chris King No Tread' (sp?) headset, but those are close to unaffordable. Suggestions?
Are you sure that the steerer tube is not too long and when you tighten up yhe bolt in the end of it that holds the gooseneck down on to the top bearing it hits the tube before applying correct pressure on your head stem bearings? Maybe you need a mill or two off your steerer tube?

yea i have had this problem in the past as well....i did two things first because of the fact that i had to take mt fork completely off i think i put the bearings in upsde down....then i realized that no matter how hard i tightened it it was still loose.
what you need to do is go to the bike shop and ask them for a few small spacers...noth the fat ones but the skinny ones
then slap those things on and see if it helps
thats all i had to do because mt steering tube was too long for the fram so i have 8 or 9 spacers on it lol it looks kinda goony but it worked right
Often the top and bottom of the head tube are not parallel and need to be taken to a pro bike shop and machined. Also the stem may need to be machined