Capable of taking four inches in the rear...

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David L

With Cove's frame names, its a little difficult to discuss with non-mountain bike family,
and friends.

Communication about their products is intersting with names like: G-SPOT, HANDJOB, HOOKER, and


"Built to hook the gates" New this year, Cove Bikes introduces the Hooker, the knock-out dual
slalom ripper. Capable of taking four inches in the rear, the Hooker is irresistible to the
raddest of rippers. It's the perfect tool for big kickers and innovative to-transition airs. A
dramatically sloping top tube, gusseted front-end and new suspension platform that joins the
lateral stiffness of an around the bb main pivot with a travel arc that keeps chain length the
same, the Hooker's one of the coolest race bikes ever designed. If you're into to pushing your
limits, get it on with a Hooker.


That's nothin' -- Tristan was talkin' 'bout takin' a WHOLE HELMET just this morning.

Bill "and it sounded like he's had a few, too" S.
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