Caponata (2) Collection



Caponata Eggplant Caponata

Two caponata recipes from Italy! ;o) Mariapaola


4 eggplants 100 gr celery 200 gr potatoes 1 pepper 25 g raisins 1 onion 2 tomatoes 100 gr olives
basil capers pine kernels 100 gr vinegar 1 tablespoon sugar oil salt pepper

Place capers in water till they loose most of the salt. Dice eggplants; cover with salt and let them
stay for a couple of hours. Wring out, dry and fry eggplant cubes. Remove eggplants from oil and fry
celery; then remove celery and add one onion and pepper cut in cubes. Add tomatoes cut in little
pieces. Add potatoes cut in cubes and let all cook for ten minutes. Add sugar, vinegar, capers, pine
kernels, raisins, olives and cook them for a couple of minutes. Add salt, pepper, eggplants and
celery you fried before and let all cook slowly for 15 minutes. Finally, add basil. Serve cool,
better the day after!

Eggplant Caponata

8 eggplants; 400 gr tomatoes; 100 gr celery; 250 gr olives; 50 gr salted capers; 2 onions; basil; 40
gr sugar; 100 ml vinegar; salt; olive oil.

Place capers in water till they loose most of the salt. Dice eggplants and let them stay one hour in
cool salted water. After this time dry the cubes and fry them. Make tomato sauce with 400 grams
tomatoes, 2 onions and basil. Cut the celery in little pieces and let them boil in salted water.
Stone off olives and let them stay in hot water for ten minutes. Brown olives, capers, and celery
with little oil in a frying pan. Add tomato sauce and vinegar and sugar. Add eggplants and let all
stay cooking for a couple of minutes.

Serve caponata cool.

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