Car-Free Cities Conference III

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Towards Car-Free Cities III March 17-22, 2003 - Hosted by Car Busters - Toulcuv Dvur Ekologické
Centrum - Prague, Czech Republic - [email protected]

Towards Car-Free Cities III will bring together 75 people from across Europe and beyond who are
promoting alternatives to car dependence and car culture. We will focus on strategy, collaboration
and exchange, assisting the practical work of conference participants - whether it be organising
car-free days or building the car-free cities of the future.

The programme will balance presentations with round-table discussions and other participatory
activities. Prague's monthly Critical Mass bike ride will be held on Thursday,March 20. Earlier in
the week, a walking tour of Prague's old town will be provided. The conference will also be a place
to assess and contribute to Car Busters' ongoing projects. Most of the programme will be decided by
participants, via the carfree_conf3 listserve, which has been active since October 21, 2002.
Applicants are encouraged to join the listserve (subscribe with an e-mail to
[email protected]) and take part in the discussions anddecision-making.

Confirmed presenters include Joel Crawford (author of 'Carfree Cities', editor of, John
Whitelegg (editor of World Transport Policy & Practice), and Lars Gemzoe (co-author of 'New City
Spaces' and 'Public Spaces - Public Life'). The organisers are currently seeking recommendations for
female presenters. See the draft conference programme. Toulcuv Dvur Ekologické Centrum, an urban
organic farm with a Gothic-Baroquestate-protected building complex, will provide meeting and dining
facilities (meals will bevegetarian/vegan) as well as hostel-type accommodation for 50-60 people.
Alternative accommodation options will be arranged for those in want or need. Toulcuv Dvur is public
transport accessible.

If you'd like to attend the conference, please go here ..

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