Carbohydrates / phytic acid / glycemic response

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  1. Removal of phytic acid from our flour is .. bad ...

    Am J Clin Nutr 1987 Sep;46(3):467-73

    Phytic acid and calcium affect the in vitro rate of navy bean starch
    and blood glucose response in humans.

    Thompson LU, Button CL, Jenkins DJ

    Carbohydrate foods that are slowly digested appear beneficial in the

    management of diabetes and hyperlipidemia. This study determined the

    effect of endogenous and added phytic acid as well as Ca on the in
    vitro rate of starch digestion and in vivo blood glucose response to

    navy bean flour, prepared as unleavened bread. Removal of phytic
    from and addition of Ca to navy bean flour increased the starch
    digestion in vitro and raised the glycemic response in vivo while
    readdition of phytic acid to dephytinized flour produced the
    effect. Carbohydrate malabsorption assessed by breath H2 measurement

    related negatively to glycemic response but the changes observed
    much lower than the changes in glycemic response. This study
    the role of both added and endogenous phytic acid in slowing the in
    vitro rate of starch digestibility and in vivo glycemic response to
    legumes and the ability of Ca to modify this effect.

    PMID: 3630965, UI: 87323038

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