Carbon bars


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Sep 5, 2001
Here in the states the lastest greatest thing is the Easton carbon bars. He is my question are they worth the $160? I would have think long and hard before I spend that much on bars. I have the TTT 199 they weight in at 200g and the Easton come in at 195g. Is 5g worth twice the price? Just want someone else feed back.
By the way HI, great board.
Haven't seen them yet, but :eek: only 5g lighter than TTT's? I don't think it's worth twice the price.
Saw a cableless groupset the other day. Awesome!
IMO they arnt worth it unless your a TDF rider. Average joe blow aint going to notice 5 grams.

Wouldnt it be cheaper to lose 5 grams of fat?

They're still a pretty trick bit of equipment for the cyclist who has the best of everything thoough 8)

Carbon bars rock!
I've used a set of carbon bars for about one year, the only thing you should be aware of, is they don't stand up to crashing to well. One trip 'down the road' will require replacement.
Sure these things are gonna be stiff,
but your wallet gets stiffed in the process.
Lose the lard 1st, I agree on that for sure.
But I love trick gear too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
It takes an awefully brave man to ride a carbon bar (I can see the shattered strips of carbon piercing your hands and arms now aaaarggh).

5g? Sheesh - spit twice and you're there!