Carbon forks - worth the money?

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i have a 10 year old Giant cadex mountain bike, they used carbon tubes with aluminium lugs, so any
positive effect the carbon may have were out-weighed by the harshness of the aluminium

the only carbon seatpins i have seen are short, like the Look one, for road bikes, so i wouldn't
expect any comfort gain from them....i would expect a long carbon seatpin to snap

what about spinergy wheels?

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> Ok so we seem to have two groups here. Those that think carbon fibre forks give a better ride than
> metal ones and those that think a fork is so rigid compared with the tyres that you can't really
> tell. A question for those
> the first camp. Do the advantages of carbon work elsewhere on the bike to. Does a carbon wishbone
> rear end give a more comfortable ride than a metal one and could the same effect be achieved
> "just" by using a carbon seat
> Cheers,
> Andy
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