Carbon frame or aluminium bike frames?


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Oct 18, 2010
[SIZE= 11pt]Hi guys, I am a beginner and planning to buy a bike for health reasons. However I want to know which is better? Carbon or alluminium frame?[/SIZE]
The best bike is the one that fits the best and is comfortably in your price range. I suggest you take a trip to your LBS and check out entry level bikes.
For me, I would buy carbon. The price has come way down and the smoother ride is a plus. That being said, I have had plenty of great aluminum rides. And still use one as a rain/travel bike. Like the other post says, fit is the most important thing. You can be on the hottest carbon rig yet have all sorts of issues due to bad fit. I would think that the main barrier for a first bike being carbon would be the price. But if money's not an issue I would get the carbon. And there are good carbon bikes in the $2500 range now.