Carbon Wheel Help


Jun 6, 2007
I'm looking to get some carbon rims to replace my Roval SLX23. I mainly want to upgrade for the looks. I like the looks of the bigger wheel with the graphics. I weigh around 205 and have seen some say they are for lighter riders. Should I be worried about that? I've also read where you have to be careful in cross winds with these types of wheels, is that true? Am I making a mistake? I want to be anywhere from 1000-1200. How are the Mavic options in that price range?


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Sep 16, 2003
High profile rims do act a bit as sails in crosswinds. There's a definite reason why disc wheels are very rarely used despite offering the best aerodynamics.

Ans since good aerodynamics is the main reason for using high-profile rims in the first place, they often also run low spoke counts. And low spoke counts do limit the maximal strength in the wheel. But even more, low spoke counts means that breaking a single spoke has a bigger influence on the wheel.

Either way, even in high profile wheels there's a range. You'll have to check the specs for whatever wheels you are looking at.


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Sep 12, 2005
I like the Mavic aluminum/carbon wheels a lot and they will probably give you a decent shot at holding up under your weight. Take a look at the Cosmic Carbone SLS. They do better in cross winds than some other brands of 50 MM profile wheels and probably not as good as the latest and greatest aero shapes.