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    Hi all
    I have posted about a Muni meet in the Cairngorms this year. The
    location mangers now thinks that there is not sufficent time to orginise
    a realy good event in the short time left. So they want to hold it next
    year. The time is likly to be towards the end of August.

    I have sugested the following, any other ideas would be apreceated.

    1 a uni triles event up at the ski slopes.
    2 orentering in the glen near Aviemore.
    3 Uni ceilidh in one of the hotels.
    4 Getting some big name over for the event. ( any sugestion, interested
    big names)
    5. a down hill event
    6. public workshops (don't worry thats my bit)
    7. uni hockey

    If anyone is interested in being involved or would like to be kept
    informed then let me know.



    Graham Benson
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    I've ridden round there and it's an ace place to ride.

    The best things I found there were mostly cross country riding, there's
    some really ace 20-30 mile rides round there with some super hard riding
    going on. There was some riding for fat people too (oops, I mean
    downhill riding) although I think the really technical downhill bits are
    unofficial and a bit hard to find (there was some in the woods to the
    west of Aviemore I think and some above the youth hostel which is near
    the ski road)?


    joemarshall - dumb blonde
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