carlos lopez autograph

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  1. Big deal! I got his auto, in a heart, on my ass. Make offer.
  2. Will

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  3. What's a Carlos Lopez?
  4. "carlos lopez autograph
    Might be of interest to someone,
    ~ Juice

    "Big deal!
    I got his auto,
    In a heart, on my ass. Make offer."
    ~ Billie

    "The seller can't even spell the guy's name ~
    It's Carlos Lopes."
    ~ Will

    "What's a Carlos Lopez?"
    ~ High Con

    "Dunno, what?
    Where everyone knows your name,
    Where you're never alone?
    Where the disenchanted animals and me
    Found a home?
    Just because?
    Because somewhere, someone else knows,
    Too? So we make a date ~ Meet by the
    Tree, at half past 2!
    Tea and scones, or cafe and donuts, or
    Whatever you want!
    ~ Twittering