Carnival City Germiston Cycle Challenge


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Jan 31, 2002
Is anyone else doing this race? I'm going to fetch my number today.
Yep Vo2. I know Tony Impeys is in Bedfordview, but do you know where, I haven't got a clue ;).
Any ideas on the profile ? It is suposed to be flat with a few "pulls" ??? How big are the pulls? Should be doing a sub 3. (if there is no wind).
Had a good one, just wish the wind was better :(. According to the CycleLab site the Holard Race Guide gives the race as: "The route is mostly flat with a few small climbs" (thank you CycleLab). With the wind the route felt worse!! Fortunately I did my best time over 100km (3:16), and I really enjoyed it!
That wind was terrible! I lost my group just before turning for Nigel from Heidleberg and there were none comming from behind so I did a timetrial all the way to Nigel into the wind! Ouch :'(

Ended up with a 2h59 because of a beut last 10 kms. (50 kph +) The 60 km riders were a bit of a bother in the middle especialy when the road is so narrow. Why don't organisers realise that you can't mix the long and short rides ?
Just wish I can break that "magical" 3:00. I'll try this weekend at the Ride for Sight. ;)
I just read some of the comments on other message boards. A lot of people are moaning and groaning about the organization. I must confess that I found the race and its organization very good. The waterpoints, backup, road markings and marshalling was excellent. I really enjoyed the race (except of course for the wind!), but it really dampens ones frame of mind if every second person starts moaning about a race, organization, etc, etc. What do you guys think. Shouldn't cyclists start doing something about this and not moan just because they can! :mad:

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