Carter better then 2 time SFGP Champ Dionne!

h squared wrote:

> Suz wrote:
> > Have fun, I'm outta here.
> >

> skip over their posts and most replies to them and see if that'll help.
> h


Your post will put you past your 2 quota annual limit, no? But thanks for
gracing RBR with you excellent insight into the sport.


Ewoud Dronkert wrote:

> On 7 Apr 2005 12:21:28 -0700, crit PRO wrote:
> > wanna be next?

> Hands off, newbie.
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Stop acting like a desperate *****-whipped foreigner. You ain't
gettin' any of Hummer 2's lunchpail, so why treat skirts any
different than bibs?

And what did you do with that bonus I gave you?


Suz wrote:

> >
> >
> >
> > They do not have a team van. >
> > cuddle PRO
> >

> heh. where do you think the pic was taken from?


My guess is the photo was taken from the top of the
van that was purchased with the money the "pro"
riders had to kick in as a condition of joining the


crit PRO wrote:

> wanna be next?

will you be gentle (at first)?

Suz wrote:

>and a lot of guys riding their new bikes for the first or second time.

NO ****, as if I thought you guys would have gotten your **** in
January. I realize team managment had to wait until all the checks
cleared from the riders before buying bikes.


Too bad you didn't, because then I could have gotten on the radio and
told you that you were letting the win go up the road in the womens
race. Not that you cared.

In article <[email protected]>,
billy <[email protected]> wrote:

> DA74 wrote:

> > Alright, since we're guessing about what you want I'll go with a Dirty
> > Sanchez follwed by a Cleveland Steamer.
> > -DA74
> >

> Doesn't the tea baggin normally go with the cleveland steamer?
> Thanks
> Billy

Nope. It'll be the Chili Dog.


Butter is love.

remove YOUR SHOES to reply, ok?

> Nobody wrote:
> Giving names to your sex acts is pretty gay...

That may or may not be...But me Donkey Punching you - that would
definitely qualify.
Suz wrote:
> "crit PRO" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]...

Paintball the day
> before, training ride in the morning, and a lot of guys riding their

> bikes for the first or second time. First time riding as a team.

I just saw this in cyclingnews. I guess the webcor chicks are glad
their new rider doesn't have you list of excuses ready, and instead
came ready to race..

CN: How is riding with Webcor going? When was the first time you got to
ride with your new teammates?

EW: I just flew down on the Tuesday before San Dimas, for the race, so
I haven't been in the states too long!

CN: Wow, was that your first time riding with the team?

EW: I came down for a weekend in December for the sponsorship dinner
and met the CEO of the company and went for a team ride with the girls.
We had a Christmas dinner with all of the employees of the company -
that was the first time I met everybody. I didn't ride with them until
we started San Dimas
Suz wrote:
> "Rik Van Diesel" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> >> their new rider doesn't have you list of excuses ready, and

> > came ready to race..
> >

> Excuses for what? What did I say about my race? We had a rider in

> break, but miscalculated her chances of winning. So we screwed up,

and had
> to settle for a 3rd and 4th. But I wasn't talking about my race, and

> would they need excuses anyway? They won, dumbass. And yeah, Webcor

> themselves 2 great new riders.

First, get this clear: No one besides women cares an iota about women's
racing. It's beyond second-rate sports viewing. It's just the way it
is. The only reason guys semi-encourage their women do is because they
know they'll have someone around to hand up bottles and remember to
pull our sweaty kit out of the race-bag before it molds. And it's nice
to have something to look at instead of the usual sausage-fest that
cycling normally is.

And before you argue that some guys do like women's racing let me tell
you that the fatties and freds only pretend to be interested in your
sport. They think if they chat with you long enough they might get a
peek down your jersey or get a glimpse of you changing out of your
chamois after the race.

That said, reread RVD's post and get the fact that he lumped all you
Jareds into the same genderpot, assuming you're all just reading from
the same list of excuses from the team manual issued at the training
camp (once the $4500 checks cleared). You recited them very well
earlier in this thread.

And just so you don't get the wrong idea let me give you a compliment.
I bet you gals could out-TTT the men's squad. I'm not joking.

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