casein and attempts to demonize milk and animal source foods

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    George Lagergren wrote:
    > "LadyLollipop"

    > [In ref to the pro-cows' milk debunkers who feel that dairy (&
    > cows' milk) products are NOT bad for human health]
    > > I think your post was entirely unnecessary.
    > > Get lost.

    > Jan, us "simple" folks may have to learn (unlike the so-called
    > "learned" M.D.s) from others' personal health experiences on whether the
    > drinking of cows' milk is good or bad for humans.
    > Whether the personal health experiences of Pizza Girl's children
    > (ear infections); Brad (arthritis); "ban-milk" (prostate); my dentist
    > (sinus); and myself (strep throat, lung congestion) - indicate that the
    > drinking of cows' milk may be bad for the human body.

    Anecdotes. Unreliable in particular here because George said:

    "That cow's milk requires refrigeration was the real reason why I
    finally decided to give up drinking cow's milk.
    I have a friend who gave up drinking cow's milk in his early 20s
    because of the bother of the cold storage requirement for cow's milk."