Cassette modifications

Super Otaku

New Member
Feb 19, 2004
It's bee a while since I was here! I will be getting myself a Hope Pro 2 Trial hub to replace my old 8 speed one. Apparently the hub can only take up to 6 cogs, meaning I must either put a six speed cassette or go single speed with spacers. Now I've been thinking about taking apart the 8 speed cassette to make it fit into the new hub, but I'm having doubts.

First thing's first: Would it be recommended? I mean, when I remove the cassette, the two of the smallest cogs are separated from the rest of the cassette. If I were to install the cassette without the two smaller rings would it be wise? The smallest cog of the cassette would have grooves that would fit with the lock ring.

The other thing I've been thinking is to remove the bolts that are holding the cassette together, remove the two biggest cogs and its spacers, and install the rest of it without the bolts. Would it have any long term effects if I were to ride with a cassette that's got no bolts holding the cogs together?