Cassette modifications

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Feb 19, 2004
It's bee a while since I was here! I will be getting myself a Hope Pro 2 Trial hub to replace my old 8 speed one. Apparently the hub can only take up to 6 cogs, meaning I must either put a six speed cassette or go single speed with spacers. Now I've been thinking about taking apart the 8 speed cassette to make it fit into the new hub, but I'm having doubts.

First thing's first: Would it be recommended? I mean, when I remove the cassette, the two of the smallest cogs are separated from the rest of the cassette. If I were to install the cassette without the two smaller rings would it be wise? The smallest cog of the cassette would have grooves that would fit with the lock ring.

The other thing I've been thinking is to remove the bolts that are holding the cassette together, remove the two biggest cogs and its spacers, and install the rest of it without the bolts. Would it have any long term effects if I were to ride with a cassette that's got no bolts holding the cogs together?
It's usually safe to remove the screws/rivets holding the cassette together, they're mainly there to make installation/removal easier. On a hub with an aluminium body you might want to use them, as they've been known to get gouged by the sprockets under torque every now and then. And you need to make sure that the lockring hits the sweet spot - i.e. good compression of the cassette, not bottoming out against the body, and sufficient threads of engagement.
Thanks for your response! Could you expand a bit more on how not having the bolts on hubs with aluminium hub could be gouged. I'm getting the trials/Single speed version. Shouldn't it be built against pressure from one specific sprocket?
Why are you getting a rear hub which has an apparently "compact" (i.e., shorter) Freehub body?!?
The hub is actually meant to be single speed on bikes that usually have cassettes (I think, at 135mm), but it still allow riders to accommodate a few more. I don't want to spend any more money on cogs separately since the old cassette is going to collect dust anyways.
FWIW. Unless you are receiving the hub as a "gift" AND even if your intention would be to use it for a Single Speed, the particular HOPE rear hub seems like a poor choice when compared to a "regular" HOPE rear hub ...

Again, why are you getting a rear hub which has a "compact" Freehub body?!?

Why not get a "standard" rear hub EVEN IF the "standard" hub's Freehub body will be superseded with an 11-speed Freehub body next year, or 2014 at the latest?

BTW. The "Trials" Freehub body is steel, so "gouging" by a cog is not an issue.