Thought I should you some of the local scenery that I pass whilst cycling. ;D


Okay , to see the castle above I have to go 3 miles out of my way, but to see a view like that it's worth it don't you think. ;D ( don't know where the blue sky came from though ?)
You're in the right part of the world mate, thats for sure ;D
Lazarus, you one lucky sonofacyclist! ;D
That is just awesome! I would easily do 10 miles extra to see THAT along my route! It almost has a Tour De France feel to it. That is simply stunning! 8)
Wow! If I had enough dough, I'd move to some small town in France where the roads are free of motorized traffic and the mountains are a short ride away. :eek:
Thanks, Lazarus. That's awesome. What's the name of that castle?

The Castle is called Caerphilly Castle. It's not my Fav but it is the closest to me.

There is an 19th Century Folly which looks like a small castle actually on one of the trails I ride. You have to cycle up to the top of the trail from one side so that you end up directly above the castle, then there's a polite notice asking Cyclist to dismount before decending on the other side because of the steepness of the slope - Yeah as if I'll go all the way up the bloody thing just to walk my bike back down. ;D

By the way Willie congrats on your promotion to Team Leader 8)
Thanks, Lazarus. Caephilly Castle seems to have suffered cannon damage - from the Civil War perhaps? We have some castles here, btw, albeit small ones. I think a wealthy pastoralist or two spent money to have 'em shipped out. Or built scaled-down. There's one in Ballarat, where I think a military tattoo was held just this weekend. A Scottish gathering. I heard half of Melbourne, those that could dance and/or suffer bagpipes, was there. Saw a signpost today, out near Wandin,east of Melb., pointing to 'Cameron Castle'.
Thanks for the congrats. Me lead? Sometimes I have trouble just steering my bike! Cheers.
there isnt much point riding up a climb if you don't get to hammer down it ;D