castor oil--USD200 per Mt coconut oil--USD300 per Mt corn oil--USD250 per Mt

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    * We are dealer's of grude oil higeria origin.our robert grude oil ltd register under the nigeria co-operate affairs commission,We sell all different kinds of oil,avocable oil,biodiesel,canola oil,castor oil,coconut oil,
    corn oil,cottonseed oil,jatropha oil,jojoba oil,palm oil,palm kernel oil,palm stearin,palm RBD oil,
    safflower oil,sesame oil,soya bean oil,sunflower oil,vegetable oil,e.t.c
    our offer for edible oil and biodiesel below as we are the leading
    manufacturer. Please keep intouch via email or phone as given below:
    email [email protected]
    * avocado Oil---USD300 per Mt
    biodiesel--USD600 per Mt
    canola oil / rapeseed oil--USD500 per Mt
    castor oil--USD200 per Mt
    coconut oil--USD300 per Mt
    corn oil--USD250 per Mt
    cottonseed oil--USD350 per Mt
    jatropha oil--USD500 per Mt
    jojoba oil--USD300 per Mt
    palm kernel oil--USD400 per Mt
    palm oil---USD450 per Mt
    palm oil - crude--USD500 per Mt
    palm oil - organic--USD300 per Mt
    palm stearin---USD300 per Mt
    palm, RBD olein--USD450 per Mt
    safflower oil--USD300 per Mt
    sesame oil---USD250 per Mt
    soya bean oil--usd 300 per Mt
    sunflower oil---USD300 per Mt
    vegetable oil---USD250 per Mt
    vegetable oil - used--USD150 per Mt
    * Dear Sir
    We saw your message and its contents was well understood regarding
    jatropha oil.
    this is our terms of work below:
    Offer: jatropha oil- USD250 per Mt
    Packing: flexi tanks
    Origin:* Nigeria
    Quantity Available:* 400.000 MT per year
    Delivery Time:*** 2 weeks
    Shipment:*** bulk
    Minimum Order Quantity: 20 MT
    Payment terms:TT Bank to Bank transfer 50%cash on deposit to our
    International banking account in china.
    Delivery terms:** CIF
    Test and certification fee:usd800
    first delivery can start immediately
    * The first stage is* please take note that the RLM Certificate has to
    be obtained from the RLM FOOD AND OIL AGENCY office as SGS doesnt test
    and certify oil again here in Nigeria.
    This certificate is very important and its the first step towards this
    transaction, all we can do is to get some small quatity of the oil to
    the RLM company and inform them of our buyers which is you that you
    want to buy oil from us and as regards to the law by NOCO Nigerian Oil
    Company Organisation (newly formed), we hereby want them to run the test
    and certify the Oil.. So they will collect the oil from us, test, it and
    issue a certificate confirming the quality of the oil, and before
    shipment, they will as well inspect the oil. all this cost USD800. and your
    company name and our company name will be on it as the buyer and the
    seller and the certificate will only be valid for this transaction..
    This is the first step towards this transaction, and if you are ready for
    this, then i can give you our accountant name and our company address
    to make payment for this certificate and as soon as we confirm the
    payment through western union money transfer we will go to RLM company
    and run test and certification.

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    Those prices are a steal. I'm doing some french fries next weekend. Do you sell your vegetable oil by the pound and home deliver?
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    Those price are steal.yes we sell the vegetable oil by pounds,you just let us know bulk you want to buy,
    our email [email protected]

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    How soon could you do me 1000mt of avocado oil, please. I've got a rush job on.
    Cheers, pal.