Cateye cyclocomputers

John Carlo Monte

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Jun 12, 2021
Good day guys! I have a Cateye Velo 7 and It Doesn't detect speed. I already checked the cable and magnet, It is properly placed in my bike tho. I even bought new batteries but it doesn't help. Please help... Thanks!
Yo! A bit late to the party but about the Cateye!

You can spend a few more bucks, like for $40 get a XOSS gps unit. Works much like a Cateye having to toggle between screens to see average speed, current speed, 3 screens to view all stats.

But it works off the satellites so it does pretty much what my Garmin Edge does for about 1/6 of the price. My Garmin was $250 years ago.

This unit has an automatic light that goes on at night, ability to alter than if desired. 25 hour life on a charge. Garmin claims 12 but more like 10.

I just installed a speed sensor for $20. Pretty cool stuff at a good price.

I have both Garmin and XOSS for last 2 months. I ride with both to compare, not much of a difference.

The XOSS has a phone app that can be connected to Strava so turn on the phone app, the unit and it does it all once you set it up.

No wheel magnets to worry about on your wheels unless you use the speed sensor which can be used as a speed sensor or a cadence. It also has the ability to connect to more than one unit at a time. So I can use the sensor with both my Garmin and Xoss.

My Garmin does not light up at night without pushing buttons. Xoss is auto, pretty cool.

Got to the point where I have been leaving the Garmin at home when I go for night rides. And now some day rides. Pretty easy operation vs the Garmin.

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