Cateye LED light interfering with Cyclometer!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Mee Too, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Mee Too

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    Has anyone ever had problems with LED lights interfering with Wireless Cycle
    Computers? I have a Ciclo Master CM408, and when the Cateye led light is on,
    the speed will either show zero (0) or fluctuate all over the place, The
    other night on the way home, I looked down, and it showed a speed of 53 mph,
    and a little later it was zero. This is really going to throw off my
    readings! heheheh So much for spending extra bucks on a Cyclometer! Maybe
    I should have gotten the $9 buck one from *mart!!! heheheh ;-)

    Any suggestions for correction, I am going to try wrapping the LED light
    with Tin Foil tonight, to see it it will deflect the signal from the light,
    and will update later, but any other advice is welcome.

    Thanks, steve