CATO INSTITUTE & FOX love antibiotics, call Medical Association's research "baloney"

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    Under the very unscientific headline "Antibiotic Link Is Cancer Baloney", FOX News has published on
    its web site a story by Steven Milloy, a rookie at the anti-government, pro-laizes fare CATO
    INSTITUTE. On it, Mr. Steven Milloy -whose califications on Medical research I really don't know-
    called the recent study linking antibiotics and cancer "Cancer Baloney" and the publisher - the
    American Medical Association - "publicity-hungry"

    See the full article at:,2933,111937,00.html

    His defense is that the "study is flawed", and that "heads should roll at the American Medical
    Association for printing such "scary report" about _oh-so-benefical_ antibiotics. -perhaps he should
    read the real report, which just shows there seems to be some statistical link, and that more
    research is needed-.

    Steven Milloy's defense of the drug companies is what one could expect from a PR mouthpiece for the
    industry (which has become the watermark in all CATO INSTITUTE position papers). He writes on his
    Fox tirade: "Antibiotics have been used since the 1940s ― to the great benefit of public
    health. More than 100 million prescriptions are written in the U.S. every year. If antibiotics were
    a cancer risk, it's very likely that such a link would have been observed long ago."

    The report that sparked this "outrage" from this CATO fellow appeared in the Feb. 18 issue of the
    Journal of the American Medical Association, and was reported by less-extremist news media as:

    REUTERS: Report links breast cancer and antibiotic use

    CNN: Study links antibiotics, breast cancer

    ABC Australia: Study finds link between antibiotics and breast cancer

    ...quite a different view from FOX's and CATO's "baloney" remark huh?

    Steven Milloy finally calls himself "the publisher of"
    - a web site devoted to ridiculing and mocking all public-funded research -while saying nothing bad
    about the drug companies and faulty research by corporations-.

    I recommend readers read the FAIR article about CATO, so you can know beforehand what interests this
    "institute" and their monkeys represent the next time you read some of their pro-corporations

    CATO INSTITUTE: Libertarian, in a corporate way

    Which says "Cato is a fierce tiger when it comes to advocating for oppressed tobacco firms. Last
    summer, a Cato "Policy Analysis" by senior fellow Robert A. Levy denounced state lawsuits against
    tobacco companies to recover Medicaid costs for treating people with smoking-related diseases. He
    claimed that anti-tobacco politicians were "willing to deny due process to a single industry
    selected for its deep pockets and public image rather than its legal culpability."

    and: "While it has criticized "corporate welfare," Cato is much more intent on eliminating
    government programs for the poor. (See p. 22.) The annual report for 1996 trumpets a statement by
    Cato's director of health and welfare studies, Michael Tanner, that "welfare has failed and cannot
    be reformed. It is time to end it. In its place, the civil society would rely on a reinvigorated
    network of private charity."

    IT'S NO WONDER FOX PUBLISHES THIS pro-industry "CANCER BALONEY" story, since Rupert Murdoch joined
    the board of directors at the Cato Institute!!.

    Remember: question everything... and ask yourself "what corporation does this article benefit" when
    you read something in today's polluted media... it's the only thing that will keep you free.


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    >Subject: CATO INSTITUTE & FOX love antibiotics, call Medical Association's
    >research "baloney"
    >From: [email protected] (Willy Kreim)
    >Date: 2/20/04 12:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
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    >Under the very unscientific headline "Antibiotic Link Is Cancer Baloney",

    Interesting since you will find comments about antibiotics and breast cancer at the NCI site.

    DrC PhD

    The doctor of the future will give no poisonous medicine in the vain attempt to poison the sick into
    getting well.

    The doctor of the future will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in
    the cause and prevention of disease, and a medical theory which will not include bacteria, viruses,
    retro-viruses, prions. or auto-immune excuses as the cause of any disease.

    That would at least bring today’s allopathic medicine, Western medicine, up to the level of
    scientific medical data available in 1870.
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