Ceased rear hub bearings!


Aug 11, 2001
I missed the race on Saturday because it was raining. So Sunday morning I wake up early and decide on a long, 3 to 4 hour cycle to make up for the race I missed. About 5km out I start hearing this noise coming from the back wheel. I stop and check it out, but everything seems fine. Carry on anyway. MISTAKE! About 10km out, the back wheel locks up! The cluster ceased up solid! Although the wheel can still spin, forward motion is non-exsistant. All nine cogs are loose i.e I can move them forwards and backwards? Any ideas as to why this would happen so suddenly? Taking it in to have it repaired tomorrow.

(PS: Thank you kindly to the gentleman that stopped and offered to tow me up the hill. That saved me 15 minutes walking at least.)
The guy from the bike shop reckons I'll be out of my bike for a week! ::) That's like been without food for a week!
The rear hub is setting me back almost a grand! I'm glad it happened now tho. Would of hated it to happen during a race, or even worse, the ARGUS!
I can't imagine not been able to ride my baby for a week. I can handle no sex for a week, but no Bianchi! Not good! ;D
A Bianchi! Wow! But you have only one bike, no? Tsk, Tsk, no standby.
One reason why bikes are better : My bike doesn't care if I look at other bikes.
I use the wife's Giant OCR3 as standby. Obviously not in the same class, but better than noth... WHACK!!! as the wife klaps me a good one against the head!
Got a nice call yesterday afternoon. The guy from the LBS called me to tell me that my bike was ready for collection. THREE DAYS ahead of time! Great stuff!
New chain, bike was serviced and new pedals!

So, with service like this, what else is there to do but to give them a little 'free' airtime?
Thanks to Mark and the guys at Finish Line Cycles in Kempton Park (Glen Acres Shopping Centre).
Friendly people, good service! Way to go! ;)