Century Ride Advice


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Jun 23, 2006
I am a B+ rider pretty avid I generally clock 100-125 miles per week.

I'm doing training rides with a group for my first century (100mi) coming up Oct 25.
The longest ride we will do is 75 which is 3 weeks before the century followed by a 50 mile the week before.
I generally can only do 2 or 3 25-30 mile rides during the week and have one day available for a long ride.

My questions are:

1. Does this sound OK, I mean only getting to 75 and 3 weeks before the ride? The ride leader told me if I can do the 75 I should be able do the century. I'm confident, but so far the longest ride was 64 (yesterday) and I did it no problem. I've been thinking I need to get to 80 to have more confidence.

2. There is no training ride scheduled 2 weeks before the century because they are doing a ride I cannot attend so I'm considering doing an 84 mile route I on my own (can't find a riding partner as of yet).

I've read several training schedules and got a little confused I think maybe they are for a racer.

I have this as a personal goal I just want to finish and not worried about performance.

Any comments/ suggestions appreciated

Brian in VA

Jul 10, 2011
The rule of thumb that I've read is this: If you can do 60% of the distance, you can do all of it. Before I did my first century, I managed a couple of 60+ mile rides very well. And I was able to do my first century, no problems.

If you get a 75er in there, you should be fine. If you get the 84 in there, too, you'll be golden.

Have a great time! I remember being very proud of that first one.

Brian in VA


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May 26, 2015
I am no expert on training but allow me to toss in my 2 cents worth. From what I see with the training of horse jockeys, they gain stamina by doing it 10% at the time. So in you case, that 100 can be broken down in 10 parts. So if you made 60 today then you can do 70 the day after tomorrow, repeat the increase of 10% until you reach your goal. I have 3 brothers who are horse jockeys and that's what I know from their training.


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Feb 20, 2013
Cape Cod, MA, USA
To me, a B+ rider means somewhere between 19-21 mph on a group ride. You'll be fine. Just ride and have fun. Averaging 17-18 should be a piece of cake.But just concentrate on a comfortable cadence out of the box, and enjoying the experience. They'll be plenty of time down the road for a PR.