Century Ride then Marathon 2 weeks later?


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Feb 23, 2014
New to the forum. Question is regarding doing a marathon after a century ride. I am scheduled for the century ride in San Antonio 27 April (Texas Wildflower) then the Ogden Ut marathon the 17th May. I've done 15 marathons last 10 years, come in at 4:30 or so. New however to cycling, have couple of months to go for the Wildflower ride. Have done 40 miles so far and felt great after. No problem running about 15 miles 3 days after the 40 mile ride. I'm not trying to burn it just ride and enjoy the cycling event with my son and his father-in-law. Have a trek madone 5.2 2013 model and a great saddle that that is "comfortable" so far. 60 years old but feel good in shape for running. Is there anyone out there that has done this and what were your thoughts. Any input appreciated.

There is no reason to think that a century is going to affect your marathon. After all Triathlons are a lot like that.

4 weeks before your century. I would suggest doing a ride longer than 40 miles in the next 2 weeks. 60-75 miles would be good. The reason is that 40 miles does not require eating or drinking. It is useful to see what happens when you do not eat or drink properly. It is hard to eat and drink properly the first time.

Have fun.