Chain cleaners! Yes..! and Lubing up ???


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Aug 12, 2003
road bike was overdue for a clean so I took the time this weekend and I also decided to give my chain cleaning tool another go, its a bit awkward with the c**py minoura bike stand I have, but an extra pair of hands I managed to get the chain tool going and I must say, ohhh it works a treat, does not completely remove everything, but basically dislodged all the built up stuff and got a good covering of degreaser so I got everything else off nicely with the cleaning tool, was a dream, anyone tossing up whether to get one or not, give it a whirl.

and onto the second point; this is my new lubing technique after some hints from the LBS;
was very stingy this time with the amount of lube I put on (i just about always put toooo much on), just coated the chain and put on a nice outer coating of wax.... and its purring along again.... just about cut my cleaning time in half..!!

how does everyone else lube up ???