Chain hoppin' SRAM likes to depart


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Aug 23, 2005
Howdy all-

Replaced a worn shimano 9sp chain with an SRAM and have layed down about 250 miles on the new chain. Lost it once off the big ring up front (to the outside) and considered it an anomoly, but today after a weekend bike bath/lube job (lubed all the cables/front derailleur) the chain spat both ways off to the inside and the outside (inside=slappin the carbon fiber Madone...outside gougin' my Ultegra crank).

Couple quick que-

1. I noticed the SRAM chain was a tad 'fatter' and adjusted the front derailleur accordingly (which actually moved it away from being able to toss the chain off to the outside). Anybody have any tips when going from a Shimano chain to an SRAM chain? (brand new 12/27 9sp Shimano cassette/std ultegra fronts on an '05 Madone 5.2)

2. Thinking that a well lubed front derailleur might give it a bit more 'oomph' and thus be smacking the chain off the front I need to douse the damned thing in baby powder now to slow it down? :confused:

Gracci all-

The front derailleur stops need to be adjusted so they're closer to the respective chain rings.
And I would swear that I had already done that...somehow/someway the front derailer L adjustment had 'shifted' inboard about 3/32"...likely enuf to cause the slips. Readjusted and no bad news from last night's ride.

Now I get to polish the chain scratches off the crank...any refinishing tips? I know there's a clear on there...going to use some mother's after 800 grit and see howgoesit.
Crocus Cloth is a jeweler's rouge red powder on a cloth backing like emery cloth. It is much finer than 800 grit, and should be available at any REAL hardware store that carries a full selection of individual sheet sandpapers. (Forget Home Depot and Wallmart!) Just the trick for getting scratches out of aluminum. Then graduate to the Mother's and buff.

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