chainset replacement- newbie question


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May 1, 2003
I'm currently looking into replacing a rather heavy clunky Shimano c051 Chainset. I've somehow managed to slighly warp one of the chainrings and because it's a budget chainset I don't have the option of changing the chainring (since it's all welded together).
I'm looking to spend between £30-£50 on this. Is this reasonable?
I've been looking at the following chainset upgrade options:-

Simano Alivio mc-20
FSA Alpha Drive

They both seem to fit the requirements (including the correct chainring sizes, chain type e.t.c as well as the ability to change a single chainring if required), however I'm a little unsure of compatability with my bottom bracket (BTy30 Tappered BS 68mm). ???

Am I right in assuming these will work ok with my current set-up? Should I be sticking with Shaimano (both front & rear mechs are Shimano)

Any help or other alternatives would be much appreciated.