Chainset ?


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Oct 26, 2001
My Mtb has 22/32/42 chainset and to be totally honest it's virtually redundant, I live on the largest gear and I can honestly say I haven't touched the smallest gear this year .<br /><br />So the question is what should I upgrade to ? I'm tempted to get a similar set up to the road bike 30/42/52 but is that overkill for a Mtb.<br /><br />Any opinions ?<br /><br />Laz
WOW.<br /><br />I live in my middle ring - I don't know anyone that can say they live in their big ring though.<br /><br />Typically (on shimano components, anyway) the standard big ring is 44t. I don't know how much different 2 teeth are going to make for you.<br /><br />I'm not sure of the right answer but keep in mind that mountain derailleurs are different than road ones. You will have to readjust the front and or change it completely to accomodate such a jump from 2 to 3.<br /><br />curious - what brand crankset are you running now?
Hmm, where do you live Lazarus? Perhaps your problem is a lack of hills? I've heard of guys using Roadie front derailleurs on their MTB's (especially on Tandems) though you might have to go for something like Ultegra or Dura Ace which could cost a packet and be quite an expensive ornament to drop onto a rock... What is your back set like? perhaps if you put on some smaller teeth at the back it would make more of a difference. Going from 42-44 teeth at the front is a roughly 5% change. Going from 13-11 at the back is a 15% change. (A similar change at the front is from 42-49) If you just change your back cog set to one starting a couple of teeth smaller it might make a difference. Also if you are strong enough you could give yourself a closer ratio at the back. I think if you go to a chainset of 44/36/24 or even try find an outsize 46 and then change the back ones by a couple of teeth down you should find yourself in the middle ring more often (44-11 is 4-1, 42-13 is 3.23-1)<br /><br />Ahh, a cheaper solution, don't train as often, get fat and weak like me and then live in the granny ring ;)
Rhodent , I live in the South Wales Valleys which may give the impression of living amongst hills, but they aren't that big :(, because I made a definite attempt to make it hard on myself, I've now become accustom to living in the large gear.<br /><br />Your idea of changing the rear set up is an idea I hadn't thought of,but it looks very promising, at the moment it's 12-30.<br /><br />i'll have to see what's about. as for the cheaper solution,<br /><br />Well that wouldn't be any fun would it ;)<br /><br /><br />MtbikerChk Would Truvativ crankset be right ?<br /><br />it's whatever came with the bike and I haven't checked. :(
That's the brand - do you know what model?<br /><br />