Chainstay crack: Where to find another?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by bikeshangrila, Apr 7, 2003.

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  1. How ya Mtbers.

    After nearly 5 years biking on roads and trails and streets with my 1997 18" DiamondBack Racing V
    Link 3.1 full suspension 7005 butted polished aluminum frame, I discovered a_crack across the top of
    the_chainstay on the left side where it is bolted to the tube near the bottom bracket.

    It is still rideable, with squeaks. If you know of a source, other than DiamondBack that may have an
    old 18" DBR frame that could part with its chainstay, please let me know, asap.

    Otherwise, I will have to let DiamondBack warranty my 18" DBR'97 frame with a new frame that will
    cost me more, because it needs disc brakes and wheels. My v brakes cannot be used on the new DB
    frames that are equal or superior to my frame, such as the SL Super and XSLs.

    Or I may have to just keep biking my fav old DBR'97 squeaks and all, unless you know of a way to
    fill in the cracked aluminum to stop the squeaking. My summertime only, biking babe Rosaline Jo
    doesn't like to hear the squeaks. See her riding in my photo albums below.

    One suggestion is to weld; the other is to let the LBS warranty the frame.

    Thank you for your other suggestions and help.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.