Chalk Printing Bike to Spray NY, Shop Owner to HiWheel to DC, and..

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  1. Just heard from Larry Black, the legendary owner of Mt Airy and College
    Park Bicycles out there in the DC area and wow gadzooks, he tells me he
    is going to ride the Baltimore to Washington DC relay leg on a Messicek
    HiWheel bicycle (!! Soon we
    will have his bio up but this well loved bike industry celebrity is
    looking for people to join him on his Friday July 2, 44 mile run. If
    interested, apply at

    Heard also from the amazing Chalk-Printing Bicycle  Man. Here is the
    tentative news release Josh Kinberg created that we want to shoot off to
    the NY press if we and Josh can get all of this together in time. As per
    our exciting schedule,
    NYC is tomorrow at noon! Yahoooo:

    Taking it to the Streets:
    Chalk-Printing Bicycle Spreads the National Bicycle Greenway Gospel

    On Friday June 25, 2004, National Bicycle Greenway's annual Mayors' Ride
    arrives at City Hall Park in New York City. Joining the ride will be
    RoadWriter, a unique, spray-chalk printing bicycle used to spread the
    word about National Bicycle Greenway's quest to connect the coasts and
    all of the cities in between with a network of bike roads and paths.
    RoadWriter's inventor, Joshua Kinberg, a New York based emerging
    technology artist, is enthusiastic about participating in the Mayors'
    Ride and hopes his invention will help National Bicycle Greenway achieve
    its goals. Using an embedded computer to control a series of spray-chalk
    aerosol cans, Kinberg's bicycle prints neatly scripted, dot-matrix text
    messages behind him as he cruises from one block to the next. "The
    effect is similar to skywriting," says Kinberg, "except on the street."
    And, like skywriting, the messages have a temporary presence. The chalk
    removes easily with water, or safely biodegrades within a few days.

    Kinberg hopes his invention will promote the benefits of riding
    bicycles. "Bicycles are a safe, healthy, and energy efficient form of
    transportation," says Kinberg. "People will look back on the National
    Bicycle Greenway as an important American achievement, the same way that
    we now view the Transcontinental Railroad, or the Interstate Highway
    system." ... [Quote from Martin Krieg]

    When we Hi Wheeled (and unicycled & skated) Davis to Folsom last week,
    Mike Damon and Jack Martin were racing back and forth along the trail
    keeping the appointments we had made with the Mayor's offices along the
    way advised of our progress. When I thanked Jack, the inventor of the
    bike mounted hydration system called GOMBer <>, here
    is the reply I got yesterday:

    My only worry about the racing around was when it was in the middle of
    the urban traffic! :) But, doing the stint from discovery park to Folsom
    was more of a welcomed challenge for me. I had never ridden the entire
    length of the bike trail out of Sacramento before. Doing it at speed,
    and in that heat, was great training.

    Patrick and Don were great guests. I can see why Patrick is a school
    teacher, my kids just loved him. They shrieked with laughter the next
    morning when he demonstrated his unicycling skills in the driveway. They
    liked Don, also, but he is more reserved and private, so they
    respectfully gave him the solitude he needed for his writing.

    My daughter Rachel mounted her own bike and "escorted" both Patrick and
    Don to the end of our street when they left. My youngest kids were
    excited to have guests in the house and were incredulous that these men
    would head off on such an adventure as to dare to ride across the entire
    country on cycles. My 11 year old, Samuel, likened them to Lewis and

    I tried to feed and hydrate them as much as possible and offer them
    every possible amenity, given their undertaking. But both of them
    accepted only modest amounts of anything, displaying the grace of true
    gentlemen. They are each welcome back to my home anytime.

    I hope the rest of the Mayor's Ride will be a success. Thanks for the
    pic slide show
    me=Davis-Folsom2004) in the website. I've viewed it a couple times
    already. It's great.

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    "Cycle America" wrote: (clip) he tells me he is going to ride the
    Baltimore to Washington DC relay leg on a Messicek HiWheel bicycle (clip)
    It just dawned on me that the Hi-wheel is the original fixed gear bicycle.
    Duh, am I slow?